Please place your order online via our order form, and we will respond promptly with your order confirmation, summary and a turnaround time thereafter.

Yes, you most certainly may!
Please submit a new order form to us stating the previous invoice number from the item you wish to re-order, and we will set up a new order for you with the same specifications. 
We will send you a new confirmation and proof before proceeding to ensure you are happy with the specifications.

Yes – please feel free to fill out an order form with your custom information, and we will be able to cater to your custom requirement to the best of our ability.

If for any reason you have the need to cancel a design job once design work is underway, any deposits that have been paid are non-refundable. If a deposit has not been made and a cancellation occurs once design work is underway, you will be billed a 50% invoice to cover the time and work that has been done to-date.
Upon a design cancellation, even with the above payments made, any artwork that may have been created within the duration of time is withheld and will not be supplied to you, regardless of state of completion. Artwork will only be release upon completion, with the affiliated release fees paid.

No cancellations are available on print orders – due to the fast turnaround of our print items, we process orders as soon as we receive their confirmation to proceed from you, so your order will likely already be printing by the time you may request to cancel. Your order will still be processed and delivered to you as per the original confirmation. This is why we have the proofing confirmation process beforehand to ensure you are 100% certain to proceed with a print before it commences.

Our preferred payment methods are direct bank transfer or cash.
You will find our account details on the bottom of your Quote and Invoice when supplied.

Turnaround times depend on what you have ordered – whether it is design only, print only, or design and print. Turnaround times are also determined thereafter by the quantity and finishing of print orders. 
Turnaround times for print delivery if required are then determined by your location.
Please use the following as a basic guide:

Design Completion: 3-5 business days
Print Completion: 5-7 business days
Delivery (Metro): 1-3 business days
Delivery (Regional): 3-5 business days

Design completion time indicated is based upon response time to proofs, in cases where time may lapse between proofing for the purpose of decision making and group confirmations this will differ.
Large print orders (QTY 5000+) may also vary in time for both print completion and delivery due to print production duration and volume of packages.
Please note during peak busy seasons times may also vary.

Our design costings are below industry rates due to our refined ability to keep our overheads down.
Operating via minimalistic practices throughout our business means we can offer you greater savings on your design rates compared to marketing agencies and high-end studios.
Our minimalism also means a reduction of our own carbon footprint and impact on the environment. It’s a win-win.

Our printing procedures collectively print runs together, making them more efficient, less wasteful and in turn reduced in cost.

Throughout time, the demand for recycled printing and materials has not been particularly high; making it typically more expensive compared to non-eco-friendly options. Conventional printing has enjoyed economies of scale due to continuous large demand, meaning it can be produced at a lower cost. 

Inkseed encourages customers to support green by swapping their everyday design and print requirements for the eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives, so that over time the increased demand will be able to sustain a reduced cost of producing it. That way everybody wins – you, our environment, and our future.

Unfortunately no, they will not be the same price even though the quantity is the same.
More than one design means more than one space on the printing press to set up additional artwork, so the price does increase marginally.


For all new graphic design orders, we always arrange to have a Creative Brief Form completed with you before commencing. 
This gives us the opportunity to obtain all of the important valuable information from you to assist with the creative process. This form is also beneficial to you, especially if you may be uncertain of what you want from your new design. At this stage we also review any brainstorming and research resources you may have obtained yourself (which is highly encouraged!).

All graphic design orders also come with three (3) rounds of revision proofs; this gives you the chance to assess options and make any alterations you may require. With our briefing process we are confident we can achieve your new design accurately and to-point within this 3 rounds of proofing, reflecting the requirements and specifications supplied from you. 
These 3 proofs are included in your initial design price, and you are free to use either one or all of them if you desire. You may find your first proof is perfect and exactly what you want!

Once we have reached a point of approval with your new design, we then proceed to either arrange printing of your new design for you, or supply of your design files to you, depending on your original quote.

We like to ensure you have ample involvement in the creative process of your design, every step along the way.

Yes, we are more than happy to offer artwork editing services.
It can however be dependent on what software the original artwork has been designed in.

We can edit AI, EPS, PSD, PDF, JPEG, PNG or TIFF files, and have them re-formatted, redrawn, resaved and resupplied to you, depending what you require.
Please note we may not be able to print straight from your supplied files unless they are correctly formatted for print, and if printing is required artwork setup fees may apply.

If you have another file type or are not certain of the file type you have, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist.


We require high resolution PDF format artwork files in CMYK to print, with the appropriate bleed and crop marks applied. Please feel free to ask if any queries.

Yes we can gladly assist. Please note there is a minimum rate artwork handling fee incurred for us to correctly set up your artwork for you. Our printing prices do not include artwork fees.

If you have supplied print artwork to us that has not quite been formatted correctly, we will advise you firstly so you can amend it and re-supply it.

For files smaller than 5MB please link the files to your order form before submitting.

For files larger than 5MB please transfer your print artwork to us via www.wetransfer.com and enter our email address into the “Email to” field – info@inkseed.com.au

Yes, we supply a print confirmation proof to you to approve the artwork one final time before we proceed to print. This proof will show a preview of your artwork to you to sign off, accepting you are happy with the appearance of the artwork before proceeding.


We classify a printed product as being eco-friendly when it meets our four strict Inkseed standards:

✔  It is made from recycled or sustainable materials
✔  It can be recycled or biodegrade safely at the end of it’s use
✔  It is made with a low carbon footprint
✔  It is able to be produced whilst generating as little waste as possible

In the case that a printed product cannot be made any more efficiently, it is ensured Carbon Offsets are in place during their production to compensate. We strive hard to ensure that all of our products, services, suppliers and distributors comply with recognised industry and environmental standards.

Yes – but it’s a good thing.

Eco-friendly printed products vary in consistent appearance compared to conventionally printed materials. This is due to the recycled paper manufacturing process, the inks and the finishes used. 
Inkseed’s core print range only utilises paper that is made from 100% recycled post consumer paper fibres, or FSC certified pulp. The colour tones of these papers are available primarily in natural or white.

Natural toned recycled papers bypass the whitening stage during pulp processing, giving the finished papers a natural colouring ranging from off-white to brown, with visual flecks of fibre.
White recycled papers use Process Chlorine Free (PCF) solutions to lighten the recycled paper fibres during pulp processing, giving the finished paper a bright clear white tone similar in appearance to new virgin paper. Very small, subtle fibre flecks can still be visually present in this paper.

Inkseed exclusively only uses recycled paper for all of our printing. We do not use any virgin paper stock, ever.

The paper used for Inkseed’s core range of printing stock is made from 100% recycled post consumer fibres. Please view our paper stocks for examples.

Our sticker and label adhesive paper is made using FSC certified sustainably sourced paper pulp.

Inkseed uses a combination of digital printing, HP Indigo printing and offset printing. What option is chosen for your printing order is generally dependent on the quantities required for the item.

All of our small quantity printing is completed via commercial digital printing machines that use dry toner, which is non-toxic and regarded as an environmentally friendly and affordable way to print small runs as opposed to running the same quantity on an offset print run. Digital print requires less setup, no plates or solvents, and produces very little paper and toner waste.

Our large quantity printing is run via offset printing, which uses a different process to digital printing involving oil-based ink and aluminium plates. Inkseed prioritises the use of vegetable-based offset printing inks, which are generally sourced from oils such as corn, walnut, coconut, linseed, canola or soy bean.
These inks are petroleum-free, utilise renewable resources, and also mean solvents aren’t needed to clean the printing presses.

Most of the time we will print slightly more than what you ordered, for no additional charge – you may commonly find you have used up your quantity and have spares left over.  This excess allows for any print underages which can occur. However on the very rare occasion these underages mean you may receive a few small pieces short, which printing industry trade standards allow within a very small marginal percentage.

If you are doing a mail-out or event and need to receive the exact amount ordered, please communicate this with us upon placing your order and we will endeavour to ensure exact preciseness handling your quantities.

Alternatively, if you notice quite a substantial amount of your order is missing there may have been an error occur, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly so we can assist.


No. We do not use any materials that can not be recycled. It is very important to make all items recyclable so they aren’t destined for landfill.

Metallic inks and foiling contain inorganic metallic particles that cannot be recycled. Materials with metallic finishing end up in landfill, where they can leak toxic compounds into the water table. Metallic fragments can also be harmful to animals and humans if inhaled or absorbed.

No. We do not use any materials that can not be recycled. It is very important to make all items recyclable so they aren’t destined for landfill.

Laminating printed items with gloss and matte satin finishes give the paper an extra synthetic coating. This does make them more durable and somewhat aesthetically pleasing depending on the desired look, but these laminates cannot be recycled.
Laminated paper products end up in landfill and take years to break down, akin to plastic.

We have the ability to produce embossing on some of our print items upon request, however we do not endorse or recommend it as a part of our general services as the process adds additional steps in the production of the item – therefore a larger carbon footprint.

We believe there are ways to present printed materials with equivalent stand-out wow factor using extra special designs and stylised layouts, without having to use finishes that may be further detrimental to the environment.

We have the ability to produce rounded corners on some of our print items upon request, however we do not endorse or recommend it as a part of our general services as the process produces additional paper waste, and adds additional steps in the production of the item – therefore a larger carbon footprint.

We have a selection of basic cutting die templates available upon request, or feel free to submit your custom die with your order – please note there is an additional setup fee involved with all die-cutting orders.


Your print delivery cost will depend on:
• Your location
• Your quantity ordered
• Your choice of standard delivery or express
Your full print delivery cost options will be provided to you upon placement of your order.

To track your delivery progress, we offer 3 stages of notification:

1. At the time of your print commencement in production, with an estimate of dispatch
2. At the time of your print dispatch, with an estimate of delivery, and
3. On the day of your print delivery, with a window of time the delivery will arrive in.

If you have received both notifications for print commencement and print dispatch, but have still not yet received your delivery after the indicated time, please contact us directly so we can assist.

If your package appears to have been damaged in transit, please have the delivery person notate their records BEFORE signing for the package.
If your package has been left for your collection and you are unable to address the delivery person directly, please call and notify the carrier immediately upon discovery of any damage. 
If necessary we will assist in resolving the incident and filing a claim if required.

While Inkseed takes all due care to ensure all spelling and worded content are correct, we are not accountable to cover re-printing costs of errors that may occur due to unchecking of the proofs. Re-printing costs in these cases will need to be covered by the client.

Upon approval of your artwork to proceed with print, you acknowledge that all spelling has been checked and that all worded information contained is correct. If a reprint is required due to an unchecked error the cost will be incurred by the client.

All printed products are carefully inspected before being shipped. If your printed item within it’s package is defective upon receipt that may have resulted in fault from our behalf, ie: a miscolouring or a print/production inaccuracy that appears different to the approved proofs, please contact us immediately after receiving your package. All claims must be made within 24 hours of receipt of your order. Please don’t hesitate to contact Inkseed directly via email with photos of the item/s so we can assist.

If a reprint is granted, the defective print order must be returned for exchange of the newly re-printed order.