Inkseed specialises in design & branding for Craft Beer, Live Music, Events, Hospitality and Venues. It's our jam. 


I’m a designer with a bit of an adventurous background. Having first-hand experience not only in graphic design, but also in many avenues of beer, hospo and events, I have a pretty realistic grasp on what it’s like to be on your end.

Hand-stacking pallets of beer in and out of trucks, setting up keg lines at festivals in the middle of summer, polishing glasses at the break of dawn, slinging foamy pints behind bars, rotating stock for days… Sound familiar to you?

I am a customer, a colleague and a fanatic, just as much as I am a creator.

This gives me the advantage of perspective when I create for you.
Inkseed is my design persona, my face in the design world, and the uniting bridge between you and I and your future amazing brand.


Inkseed’s design services cover the big five – Branding, Events, Digital, Promotional, and Corporate.

Inkseed is passionate about producing design that creates connections and brings people together. Design that is honest, genuine, captivating and real; design that is *you* and tells your story. 

Inkseed creates with solid foundations of purpose and pride.
Inkseed believes in making a difference, and doing things the right way.

Inkseed also offers a printing service that exclusively uses 100% recycled and sustainably sourced paper stocks, with petroleum-free and water-based inks.


Hi, I’m Jody.
I run Inkseed as a Freelance Graphic Designer. 
My connection with art and design goes way back; I was always the “kid who could draw good” in school. I turned it into a career path when I graduated, and founded Inkseed in 2010. I couldn’t be happier getting to do what I love for a living.

Speaking of things I love – I’m also operating as a Shift Brewer at Gage Roads Brewing Co, and am studying for my IBD General Certificate in Brewing.
In my free time I’m at the beach, walking my dog, or painting; I’m producing a series of large format mixed media canvasses (coming soon). 

I’m in my element when I’m covered in either paint, beer or malt dust.

I’m super down for collaborations, supporting fellow industry folk and artists, and creating beautiful elaborate things together.
Let’s have a coffee or a beer together and see what magic we can create.

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